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Veriuni Liquid Vitamins

Liquid Nutrition is a definite asset for seniors, teens or adults
who refuse regular vitamins in capsule or HARD PILL format.

Children tend to take vitamins in chewable format, but once
past the preteen years these are no longer COOL!

I put the vitamins in a liquid like orange juice and they are undetectable
so my teenagers and husband get healthier and they can function better.

Look for a Good vitamin offering 100% of the daily requirements of the basic vitamins,
with special attention to all the B vitamins which help reduce stress and anxiety.
This way it is one dose and well balanced and you do not have to find another
sneaky way to keep the family healthy.

For seniors and athletes the B vitamins are extremely important, and knowing
you have covered the basics, you feel better, look better, have more energy and thus eat heathier and exercise more.

Overall health will increase as a by product of such a simple daily morning ritual.

The impiortance of those B vitamins consistently, every day will help reguklate weigh gain also.

Stress is a very interesting body reaction, which can do many things against your best health and the B Vitamins help alleviate stress. 

Stress releases cortisol to tell your body to restock, and increases your hunger making you eat more and gain weight. Eating more high colorie impulse foods is a byproduct of this extra "hunger" from stress and these foods help body release the "comfort" feelings.

Stress and anxiety keep you awake at night, and distrupt healthy sleep patterns, thus reducing will power and triggering even hormonal changes with extended sleep deprivation, and increasing chances for weight gain.

When you wake at night, do you eat to comfort the distress you feel?

So to get the HIGHLY digestible vitamins and make sure the vitamins are always available, perhaps even have them delivered to your door monthly, so there is one less thing to think about.

Why take a liquid nutrition? One word--ABSORPTION!!!
For the body to absorb the HUGE hard pills, much is eliminated by the body before ever being digested, depending on the person, the diet and the metabolism, offering often as low as 5-10% absorption rate.

Remember the amino acids which help your body digest the nutrients in your food also.

Liquid vitamins have a great flavour instead of the "vitamin" aftertaste we remember from our childhood.

by Val King 

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This page was last updated: May 24, 2011
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